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Custom Calendars For Schools
& Non-Profits


Great for Fundraising and Raising Awareness

It’s time to unleash the power of custom calendars, the ultimate tool for schools and non-profits to boost fundraising, elevate awareness, and forge deeper connections with your community.


Imagine vibrant photos of smiling students adorning classroom walls, each month showcasing upcoming school events and academic achievements. Or picture your non-profit’s impactful work brought to life in stunning imagery, captivating every glance and sparking conversations about your cause. Custom calendars aren’t just timekeepers, they’re powerful messengers.


Why choose custom calendars?

  • Fundraising Hero: Sell calendars, offer them as donor gifts, or secure sponsorships for individual months. Every page becomes a revenue stream for your school or non-profit.
  • Visibility Champion: Keep your organization top-of-mind for a full year. Each calendar hanging on a wall or perched on a desk becomes a mini billboard, reminding everyone about your mission.
  • Storytelling Master: Share your journey through captivating photos and stories. Celebrate student accomplishments, highlight the impact of your non-profit’s work, and inspire lasting support.
  • Community Builder: Foster closer ties with your supporters. Promote volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and key dates directly on the calendar, sparking engagement and participation.
  • Durable & Customizable: Choose from standard formats and customize them to your heart’s content. Opt for sleek spiral binding, add a protective UV coating, or personalize with your own photos and dates.

Schools: Let your calendar be a celebration of learning and school spirit! Showcase stunning student artwork, highlight sports schedules, and mark important academic milestones. Each month becomes a window into your vibrant school community.


Non-Profits: Give your cause a voice through compelling visuals and heartfelt stories. Feature beneficiaries, showcase volunteer efforts, and share the impact of your work. Every page becomes a testament to your mission, touching hearts and inspiring action.


Ready to unleash the power of custom calendars? We’re here to help! Request a free quote or contact us for a design consultation and discover how you can turn them into your next fundraising and awareness powerhouse.



Bonus Tip: Partner with local businesses for cross-promotion and sponsorships. Together, you can make a bigger impact and reach a wider audience.

Don’t just tell your story, let your calendar show it. Order your custom calendars today and watch your fundraising and awareness soar!


Remember, a calendar isn’t just a datekeeper, it’s a community builder. Use it to connect, inspire, and make a lasting impact.

A standard 12 month calendar is printed 8.5″ x 11″ on gloss stock and is saddle stitched along the 11″ side. 


Custom features can also be added:

Spiral or Wire-o Binding

Coil binding adds a nice touch to your calendars, allowing them to fold flat to 8.5″ x 11″ size, hang on a wall.

UV Coated Cover

A coated cover will not only add a glossy shine to your calendars, but will also make them more durable to last the whole year long!

Custom Photos and Dates

Simply upload the photos you want to use for your calendar and we will add them to our stock calendar. You could also add custom dates and calendar layouts to make your calendars even more personalized!

Product Features


Choose the correct EDDM Flyer template  by selecting the appropriate size and format below.

These templates contain visual guides to help you create print-ready artwork that you can later upload to us for printing. If you need an estimate, please fill out the Estimate Request Form above.
8.5 x 11 Calendar (12 month) – pdf
8.5 x 11 Calendar (12 month) – eps

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