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Variable Data Tools

Creating a Variable Data Campaign takes patience and determination. Having a thorough plan is key, and understanding your customer base will assist in devising the best course of action for your design. Spend the time necessary to review the data and figure out how to communicate with each individual your target audience.

To set up a Variable Data Campaign, you will need a program that can create and edit a database, and a design program that allows you to insert a section for variable data. The following programs will help you execute a successful variable data campaign:

Microsoft Office Excel

The standard in database and spreadsheet creation. Contains many useful tools that make it easy for anyone to manage important data.

OpenOffice Calc

Completely free (open-source) software available for download to anyone for personal or commercial use. It has many of the features and functions found in Excel. You can save your database in Excel (.xls) format.

Adobe Indesign

Created for print layout, this software can handle all the tasks necessary to build a variable data artwork file complete with data fields. Used in combination with Photoshop and/or Illustrator, a work of art can be designed for a successful marketing campaign.

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