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USPS Non-Profit Mailing Indicia Requirements

Organizations that are considered Not-For-Profit including charities, fundraisers, and educational organizations and are considered tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code can qualify for USPS nonprofit domestic mailing rates. These rates are discounted from the normal rate which gives nonprofit organizations a more affordable way to run direct mail fundraisers for prospective donors, and to share housefile information with their stakeholders.

We offer services to both print and mail out your nonprofit mailing, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Checks for mailing can be made out to the Carle Place Post Master, and you must send us your nonprofit mailing permit number.


Who is eligible for USPS nonprofit mailing prices?

Not every organization meets the requirements for nonprofit pricing for their direct mail. Only organizations that have a tax exempt 501(c)(3) status and fall into one of these categories are eligible:
  • Religious
  • ducational
  • Scientific
  • Philanthropic (Charitable)
  • Labor
  • Veterans
  • Fraternal
  • Certain political committees

What is needed to obtain a nonprofit mailing permit?

Your organization will need to apply for a nonprofit mailing permit by filling out Form 3624. This form can then be dropped off at your local post office, and your permit will apply nationwide. Additionally, you may need to provide:
  • Formative Papers such as articles of incorporation, constitution, trust indenture, charter, or other organization instrument.
  • Evidence of nonprofit status such as a copy of a tax exemption letter from the IRS.
  • Financial statements, a list of an organization’s activities, and other documents of operation may be required to prove nonprofit status.

What kind of mail can be sent with a nonprofit permit?

Personal mail cannot be sent using a nonprofit permit. Only mail that is going out on behalf of the nonprofit organization can be sent, and it cannot advertise other businesses or organizations. Mail that is soliciting donations or providing information about the nonprofit with the permit is acceptable. These can include postcards, letters, and large envelopes.


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