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Variable Data Printing: The Power of Personalization for Your Print Materials

As the name suggests, variable data printing is a process where some elements of a design are changed between each printed piece, such as a name, address or promotion code. This process will create printed pieces that can be personalized towards specific targets and objectives.

Variable Data is used to enhance direct mail marketing campaigns. Depending on your objective, the components can be relatively easy to create and compile. All you need are the right tools, data, and drive to make your campaign’s ROI increase significantly.

Variable Data Development Tools

There are necessary tools for creating a variable data project. These tools are divided into two categories, programs for database preparation and programs for design and variable data insertion. This section will review some programs available that can fulfill the needs of variable data.

The Data Building Process

The first step of creating a variable data document is obtaining or creating a database. After the database is purchased or populated it will need to be in proper format in order to be properly inserted into the variable fields in the design document. This section will review the necessary format for a database to be included into variable data.

Variable Data Field Insertion

The last step in the creation of a variable data document will be the actual design file with the variable data fields. The insertion of the variable data is the last step and is to be accomplished after the design document itself is created. This section will review how to link variable fields within the design document to the database.

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