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Direct Mail FAQ

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing techniques available and can be very cost effective if done the right way. Many people have a lot of questions when beginning mailing campaigns, and we have the answers!

Your mail pieces can be UV coated, preferably not on the address panel side where the mailing address is printed.

For mail pieces that are UV coated on the address panel, the pieces are printed at a slower pace with a unique ink which will adhere to the UV Coating to ensure the printed address dries fully and doesn’t smudge. 

We can use either your mailing permit or ours. Our mailing permit is held at the Carle Place Post office in New York. Only non profits can use their permit at a foreign post office without additional costs and paperwork. Otherwise the mailpiece will have to leave the post office with which the permit has been issued.

Normally we wouldn’t print labels with the addresses and then adhere them to mailpieces. This would create unnecessary steps. We would print directly onto the mailpiece with the address. The only time we would print labels and adhere them to the mailpiece is if the mailpiece is nonmachinable.

When we used the windowed envelopes, we can print the addresses directly on the mailpiece. This will reduce the amount collation since the mailpiece will no longer have to be matched the the envelope. Since the collation is reduced, the cost of the mailing will decrease and the speed of the mailing will increase.

The mailing price does not include postage. The postage can not be accurately determined until the mailing piece it is printed and properly weighed. The mailing list is then processed and the combination of the proper weight and addressing will give the correct postage.

We would prefer that a postage check be made out to the Carle Place Postmaster and it is due on the day of the mailing so that we can drop it off with the mailing because it is needed at the time of drop off.

First class will take two to three days while standard will take up to seven days.

All mailings are done in house.

We can and will wafer seal mail pieces upon request or if necessary for the mailing.

Common Mailing Terms

Barcodes are printed onto the mailpieces with the address for easy scanning for the post office. The barcodes most often are representative of the zip code where the mailing piece will be sent to.
This is when the mail is presorted by carrier route in order to receive a discounted postage.
This is the abbreviation for the Coding Accuracy Support System. When a mailer is CASS certified, it means the mailer and its software are evaluated by the United States Post Office. CASS software will correct and standardize the addresses and perform a delivary point validation, which checks to see if the addresses are deliverable. Because this is done for the post office, it allows the CASS certified mailer to get a discount on postage.
Service offered by request when we will remove duplicate entries in the mailing list. We can de dupe based on different criteria such as name, address, business name or by all of them at once, depending on what type of duplicates you are looking to remove.
Please view the mailing size chart to see size requirements and restrictions for first class letters. First class letters are guaranteed to be delivered within three business days. Typically, the cost per piece is close to the cost of a stamp, however, first class service is used when the mailing needs to be delivered quickly. Using first class service also ensures that all mail pieces which cannot be delivered due to incorrect or changed address will be sent back to your office.
Please refer to our mailing size chart for detailed information on size requirements and restrictions for first class postcards. Delivery of First class postcards is guaranteed to take place within three business days. First class service is typically used when your mailing has a deadline or an event that takes place very soon and you need the recipients to know right away. Also, by using First class mail, any postcards that are deemed “undeliverable” are returned to the return address on the postcard allowing you to update your mailing list which will save you postage costs in the future.

This is a designation which is printed on a piece to display postage payment such as a mailing permit number.

This is permission to mail at presorted prices.
This is the National Change of Address database. All the addresses in the mailing list will be check for accuracy against this database ensuring that they are all updated. Over 40 million people move each year, and this will allow their mail to keep up with them.
Standard Mail is mail that weighs under sixteen ounces. This class of mail is typically used for larger mailing jobs where cost is a concern and delivery time is less important. Pre-sorted standard mail is typically 30%-35% less expensive than sending mail first class, however, processing time is longer and delivery is not guaranteed by the USPS. Most mail sent using the pre-sorted standard indicia will take 7-10 days to be deliver. Mailpieces that aren’t delivered by the post office are not returned.
A self mailer is a mailpiece that doesn’t use an envelope. It is a piece that is either flat or folded and sealed. Common self mailers are postcards and newsletters.
The mailing piece is unable to go through mail processing equipment and needs to be processed manually.
When mail is sorted to the greatest extent in order to receive the discounted rate.

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