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Stationery for Schools and Community Organizations

Professional letterhead can add a sense of credibility and legitimacy to your organization. When presenting your mission and cause, you want your organization to come off as sincere to create a formal relationship between you and your members. Having your logo printed on specialty paper can make a big difference on first impressions and on how involved your audience is with your organization.
Many schools and universities make effective use of letterhead as well. With so many formal communications sent out to students, faculty, and administrators, schools can make good use of letterhead. Formal letterhead will add prestige and regard to your message. There are several options when to consider when planning your letterhead print job. We specialize in printing specific Pantone (PMS) colors for exact color matching and we can also print 4 color process (full color). When choosing your color, consider that black ink also counts as a color. Letterhead stock comes in plenty of different varieties. The two main things to consider are paper color and style. Most types of paper come in different offsets of white, and you can request samples to see the true color. The other variable is style, and some of the most common are:
  • Classic Laid
  This is a very textured paper with horizontal thick ridges running throughout.
  • Linen
This stock has thin lines running through it in both directions creating little squares to give it a soft, natural look.
  • Classic Crest
This stock has a smooth finish with very slight grooves, creating a fine texture.
  • Strathmore
Strathmore has a medium grainy texture in an unpatterned layout.

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These templates contain visual guides to help you create print-ready artwork that you can later upload to us for printing. If you need an estimate, please fill out the Estimate Request Form above.
8.5″ x 11″ BiFold Pamphlet –– EPS
8.5″ x 11″ Letterhead– pdf

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