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Waterproof Synthetic Paper Printing

Durable, Easy to Clean and Tearproof Printing

How Synthetic Printing Can Help Your Business

Synthetic Paper is a special material that is great for weather-resistant printing. Not only does it have the feel and look of a high quality, thick paper, but it is also extremely durable. Since this paper is made out of plastic, it is naturally waterproof, tear-proof, and fire resistant. If you are looking for weather-resistant printing and need it to stand up to tough conditions such as water, heat, and wear then look no further. Weather Proof Printing will last much longer than any other paper printing, and will look great too!

Why Synthetic Printing

There are several benefits to printing on synthetic paper as well. Since we print directly onto synthetic there is no need for additional finishing that will hinder your customers view at your mouth watering meals as well as making colors more vibrant. Synthetic printing allows your menus to still be lightweight, elegant and flexible and more cost-effective than lamination. Since it is derived from PVC, Synthetic Printing is waterproof and tearproof as well as being heat and stain resistant.

Goodbye Lamination

With Synthetic Printing there is no need for lamination that will hinder your customer’s view of your beautiful printed pieces. While many businesses use lamination as a way to preserve the life of their printed goods it sometimes can cause more harm than good. Not only is it more expensive than Synthetic Printing but it also is susceptible to cracking, peeling and puncturing which will ultimately decrease the life of your printing piece. Also, once the lamination’s seal is broken liquids and bacteria can seep into your menu causing the condition to worsen.

Here’s a list of products that can be printed on Waterproof Synthetic Paper, by application:


Outdoor and Rugged Activities:


  • Maps and charts: Perfect for hiking, boating, fishing, and camping where exposure to the elements is likely.
  • Field guides and reference materials: For construction workers, surveyors, biologists, and anyone who needs information at hand in harsh conditions.
  • Tickets and permits: For amusement parks, festivals, and sporting events where accidental spills or rain shouldn’t ruin the fun.
  • Durable tags and labels: For equipment, tools, and outdoor gear that needs to stay identified even when wet or dirty.
  • Wristbands and event passes: For long-lasting use at pool parties, water parks, and theme parks.

Industrial and Manufacturing:


  • Work instructions and safety protocols: Important information that needs to stay visible and legible in messy or demanding environments.
  • Maintenance and inspection checklists: Ensure accuracy and clarity even with frequent handling and potential exposure to liquids.
  • Inventory tags and labels: Track materials and equipment reliably in warehouses, factories, and outdoor storage areas.
  • Chemical and oil resistant labels: Identify containers and pipelines safely in environments with hazardous materials.
  • Durable barcodes and QR codes: Ensure accurate scannability for tracking and inventory management.

Creative and Artistic Applications:


  • Menus and table covers: For restaurants and outdoor cafes where spills and weather are a concern.
  • Event posters and displays: Ensure vibrant prints that stay fresh even in rain or humid conditions.
  • Outdoor signage and banners: Ideal for temporary or long-term use in all weather conditions.

The Custom Synthetic Menu Printing Difference

Free Ground Shipping

Being partners with UPS, FedEx, and USPS has its perks so we like to pass on our savings to you! We offer Free ground shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States and discounted rates on expedited shipping.

Hospitality level service meets printing expertise

With over 50 years of experience, we know a thing or two about exceeding our client’s expectations. Each project is assigned to your own print professional who will see your custom synthetic paper printing through the print process and will be available to answer all of your printing questions.

Order what you need, not what the industry thinks you need

With our state of the art custom print shop, we can print any quantity for your synthetic prints! From 1 to 1,000,000 or anything in between.

Custom sizes and ideas with ease

Our expert print specialist can assist you with any of your custom printing needs whether it’s a size not listed or even a synthetic print in the shape of a printing press! We can do it.

Industry changing turnaround time

With our state of the art facility, we are able to complete most custom synthetic printing jobs in 3-5 business days from proof approval (Contact your sales rep for estimated production time of your job). Need it faster? Most synthetic printing orders qualify for one-day production! Ask your sales representative for more details.

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Trifold, Bifold, or Custom Fold


Sheets are bound using double loop metal rings

Spiral Bound

A plastic coil is used to bind pages together

Synthetic Paper

This relatively new paper stock isn’t quite paper. It’s made from a plastic material that is both durable and professional. Images and colors still pop off the page, and the menus are tear proof and water resistant, making them last in even the toughest environments.

Synthetic Menus


Business Cards

Hybrid Print Projects

EDDM Direct Mail


The Direct Mail EDGE

Free Shipping via Ground

We ship your order via Ground free of charge. Check the map to see how many days your package will be in transit.

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You might need it by tomorrow morning or even 2-3 days from now – We have you covered.

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