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Waterproof Synthetic Paper

Durable Solutions for Long-Lasting Results

Synthetic Paper is a special material that is great for water resistant printing. Not only does it have the feel and look of a high quality, thick paper, but it is also extremely durable. Since this paper is made out of plastic, it’s waterproof, tear proof, and fire resistant. If you are looking for durable printing and need it to stand up to tough conditions such as water, heat, and wear, then look no further. Water Proof Printing will last much longer than products printed on paper and will look great too!

There are several benefits to printing on synthetic paper as well. The printing goes right onto the paper with synthetic printing instead of printing on paper and laminating over it. This way, your project is still lightweight and flexible. Images and text will be crystal clear printed directly on the synthetic paper.

What is Synthetic Paper?

This relatively new paper type is known for its durability and resistance to water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. It is often used in applications where traditional paper would quickly degrade or become damaged. Please note: The material is resistant but not the ink. We add a protective coating after the printing is completed to protect the ink.

One of the main advantages of synthetic paper is its waterproof and tear-resistant properties. This makes it suitable for use in outdoor applications, such as signage and maps, as well as in industries such as construction and manufacturing.

Additionally, synthetic paper is often used for printing items that will be exposed to chemicals or high temperatures, such as laboratory manuals and industrial labels. Synthetic paper is also commonly used in packaging and printing applications, including tags, labels, and packaging materials.

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