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Donation and Remittance Envelopes

Collecting donations is a vital part of fundraising for a church’s operations. Without contributions from your organization, it would be hard to provide community services that benefit everyone. That is why it is important to have an attractive and professional envelope. You can create your own design, or have us design it for you. Here are some design templates to get started! 

Print-Ready Blank Templates

Donation Envelope – Front
#6 Remittance Envelope – FrontBack
#9 Remittance Envelope – Front Back

Donation Envelopes

Remittance Envelopes

Donation envelopes are the most common form of fundraising for a religious organization. That is why it is important to have them professionally printed with a custom design. The standard size for donation envelopes is 6 3/4″ x 3″. Our Envelopes can be designed to your exact specifications, or you can provide us with a ready-to-print design!

Remittance Envelopes are similar to donation envelopes except that they have a large flap that is used to record donor information. These envelopes come in two standard sizes (6 1/4″ or 9″) and can be printed on all four panels. It is common practice for these to be handed out or mailed to members, so that they could fill out the envelopes and mail them back on their own time.

Fundraising & Marketing

Church Door Hangers

Church door hangers are an effective way to spread awareness about your organization and your mission to your every door in your community.

Church Booklet Printing

Provide the gift of literature with eye-catching custom booklets for your church and parishioners. Perfect, wire, spiral and saddle stitch binding available.

Church Bookmarks

Religious bookmarks can serve as a great handout at church services and gatherings as well as a fundraiser. Customize with round corners and tassels.

Religious Brochures

Sometimes a printed brochure can be the most effective way to pass information about your church to your followers, or prospective members.

Labels and Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers can be a fun giveaway or an interesting fundraiser for your church or religious organization. Print your own custom design.

Church Calendars

Custom calendars are a great way to express the mission of a church through beautiful pictures and encouraging messages.

Church Stationery and Newsletters

Christmas Cards

Church door hangers are an effective way to spread awareness about your organization and your mission to your every door in your community.

Church Bulletins

Church Bulletins are an effective way to keep your church or organization up to date on the latest events and news happening in your community.

Church Newsletter

Keeping your church or religious organization connected to your community is a key to prosperity. Share the information with a Newsletter.

Church Invitations

Special events require special invitations. Your next religious fundraiser or charitable event needs to attract the as many people as possible to make it a success.

Church Note Cards

Whether you want to say “Hello”, “Thank you for the donation” or send an invitation, specialty cards are the most personal way to communicate your message.

Church Notepads

Custom Memo pads to use in your church or religious organization. Available in different colors and any design you want.

Church Business Cards

Create unique business cards for your parishioners, and clergy members to hand out. They are a great way to promote your church and leave important contact information.

Church Letterhead

Essential stationery used by churches for letters and official documents. Professional quality letterhead with 1, 2 or full color printing.

Church Posters

Print Large Format Signs, Posters and Banners for church decoration or events. Material options include poster paper, foamboard, vinyl banners and more.


Visitor cards are used by churches for a variety of different purposes. Most commonly they are left in pews for visitors to leave notes and information about themselves.

Stationery and Marketing Solutions for Your Church

There are many options Churches can choose from for their printed materials. Options such as booklets, brochures, and newsletters can be used to promote a church’s mission and share news of recent events. There are also several fundraising products that can be custom made for your church. Products such as bookmarks, envelopes, and calendars can help raise funds for church operations.

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